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Welcome Learners! We’re excited to share our collection of online courses with you. Whether you’re a first-time playground planner, or an experienced professional, we promise that you’ll learn something new.

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Bring the Classroom to the Playground!

Best Practices for Design and Specification of Fabric Shade

Whitney Klen of USA Shade explores the factors that make up fabric shade, and the key steps from idea to implementation.

Urban Playground: Child-Friendly Planning and Design

Tim Gill – scholar, advocate, and consultant on childhood – shows you how urban planning can make cities more child-friendly.

Creating Outdoor Environments for Young Children

Through loose parts and nature play, Dr. Angela Searcy teaches you how to create fun outdoor environments for young children.

Playgrounds for All

Discover not one, not two, but FIVE design principles that will benefit your playground layout and make it inclusive for all.

Inclusion Clinic

Learn about playgrounds designed for everyone with inclusion experts Natalie Mackay and Jim Vollmer of Unlimited Play.

10 Steps to an Autism-Friendly Playground

Explore 10 strategies that will make your playground work better for everyone, particularly those on the autism spectrum.

Piaget and the Playground

Jean Piaget was known for his research on child development, including ways to implement cognitive learning on the playground.

Combatting Trauma with Playful Spaces

Landscape architect Chad Kennedy goes over how you can help kids with a history of trauma thrive on the playground.

Creating a Sensory Rich Playground

Megan Miller, Product Manager for PlayPower, explains how play equipment can support healthy sensory engagement.

Designing a Natural Playground

Delve into natural playground possibilities that take into account the maintenance, longevity, and play value of equipment.

Creating Intriguing Outdoor Playground Spaces

With Dr. Beverlie Dietze, you’ll examine ways to advance children’s outdoor play through intriguing playground spaces.

Swings in the 21st Century

Swings have changed a lot over the years! Learn about the benefits of swinging and the different options that are now available.

Fundraising and the Landscape Architect

Learn how you, the landscape architect, can assist your customers with the complex task of fundraising for their playground.

Creating Extraordinary Playgrounds

Draw people in! Through theming, unique surfacing, and inclusion, you can create a playground that’s truly extraordinary.

Increasing Play Value with Surfacing

Find out how unitary surfacing can transform an ordinary playground into one that the entire community is talking about.

Community Engagement: A Case Study

In Marquette, MI, several community advocates discuss the journey of bringing a new, inclusive playground to their city.

Designing Obstacle Courses for All Ages

Obstacle courses are a great fitness tool for kids! Explore how they can be designed and configured to serve different age groups.

Add an Infant/Toddler Corner to Your Playground

Playgrounds aren’t just for school-age children. In this course, you’ll learn about the unique needs of infants and toddlers.

Explore Inclusive Playgrounds

Join us for a case study! Mara Kaplan of Let Kids Play breaks down six inclusive playgrounds and their impact on the community.

Youth Participation in Playground Design

Associate professor Katherine Melcher describes the benefits of engaging youth in the playground design process.

The Power of Play

Joe Palermo, VP of New Product Design for PlayPower, illustrates how play equipment can help add value to your community.