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Our Commitment

At CRS, our playgrounds are more than just a business. They're also a way to give back to the communities we serve. We're honoured to support three amazing organizations that spread the joy of play and improve the lives of kids.

Children playing on a refurbished playground from Kids Around The World, who we support through a 5% donation on select Little Tikes Commercial playgrounds.
Impacting Communities Worldwide

Kids Around The World

We’re proud to partner with Kids Around The World, a non-profit organization who has built playgrounds in war-torn and impoverished communities in over 70 countries. We’re committed to donating 5% of sales from select Little Tikes Commercial playgrounds to support this great cause. In return, you’ll receive 25% off the list price!

Opening Doors in Ecuador

In Ecuador, playgrounds provide a place for community meetings and outreach services.

Expanding Minds in Haiti

Teachers in Haiti are leveraging the proven relationship between play and academic success.

Eliminating Barriers in Palestine

Ministries in Palestine are creating safe spaces where children of all faiths can play together.

Healing Wounds in Uganda

Playgrounds in Uganda provide a safe haven for children who have fled their homes due to war.

Group of children smiling after being freed from slavery and trafficking by the International Justice Mission, who we provide ongoing financial support to.
Ending Slavery in Our Lifetime

International Justice Mission

Today, more than 40 million people around the world live in slavery. International Justice Mission (IJM) combats slavery, and violence against women and children, by partnering with 24 program offices in 14 countries. We provide ongoing financial support to IJM to free victims from slavery, trafficking, and other forms of abuse.

Rescue Victims

Locating victims of slavery and removing them from the place where they're in danger.

Bring Criminals to Justice

Bringing criminals to justice by holding slave owners and traffickers accountable in court.

Restore Survivors

Giving survivors of abuse the support and tools they need to heal and live a productive life.

Strengthen Justice Systems

Stopping violence before it starts by helping to strengthen local justice systems.

Giving Playgrounds a New Life

Emmanuel Foundation

Emmanuel Foundation is a charity that exists to serve the poor in tangible ways. Their “Play It Forward” campaign recycles decommissioned playgrounds and provides under-privileged children with access to developmental play. In addition, Emmanuel Foundation also has programs that collect food, clothing, and medical equipment.

Find Playgrounds

Searching for playgrounds that will soon be decommissioned.

Recycle Playgrounds

Playgrounds are given a new life instead of heading to the landfill.

Play It Forward

Playgrounds are shipped to communities around the world.

Playground Installations

All playground installations are supervised by a CPSI-certified installer.

Our new playground in Uganda is officially open! The smiling faces are a glimpse of just how overjoyed our primary and nursery school kids are to have this fun place to stay together. A huge thank you to Kids Around the World for making this happen!

Bob GoffPresident & CEO, Love Does

We’ve seen much fruit develop as we’ve co-labored with Kids Around the World. Their capacity to leverage playgrounds as a strategy to transform children and their communities, and their desire to see empowerment at the local level is exemplary.

Matthew D. StorerPresident & CEO, Vision Trust