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Natural Play!

Inspired by the beauty of nature, our natural playgrounds help you make the great outdoors even greater. With wall scaling, overhead climbing, and zip lining fun, our natural playground equipment encourages kids to push their limits.

The same look and feel as wood, with none of the nasty long-term consequences.

Better Play Value

More fun and engaging than wood products.

Extremely Durable

Built to withstand the harshest weather conditions.

Long Lasting

Our Naturtek material won't rot, mold, or degrade.

15 Year Warranty*

*Limited warranty on Little Tikes Naturtek parts.
Treehouse Window Panel (left), Nu-Edge Plank Bridge Climber (right).

Embark on exciting imaginary adventures like never before!

Studies show that when kids play outside, they expand their creativity levels and take in healthy amounts of vitamin D. They are also more likely to engage in peer-to-peer interaction, which is fundamental in building critical social skills.

Spending time in nature also helps children keep their minds sharp. When playing outside, kids are exposed to a variety of challenges and changing circumstances. Overall, this improves their ability to make decisions and negotiate risks.

Naturtek Tree Climber (left), Log Slice Climber (center), Nu-Edge Clubhouse (right).

Keep your playground safe and protected from the elements!

While trees and logs will degrade over time, our natural play equipment is built to withstand the harshest weather conditions. Designed with an emphasis on durability, our natural playgrounds are ready for years of play, right from the start.

Our natural play equipment is built using our patented Naturtek material. This composite resin mimics the look and feel of real wood, while keeping your playground protected. Best of all, our Naturtek products are virtually maintenance-free.

What are you waiting for?
Start playing today!

From starting a new project to placing an order, our team of play experts are happy to help. Let us know how we can turn your playground dreams into a reality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of natural play?

Playing in nature encourages children to act freely, solve problems, and interact with their peers. Overall, this enhances their concentration and focus, which is crucial when negotiating new challenges and risks.

Where can I use natural play equipment?

Our natural play equipment is commonly used to link play events together and promote circuit play. This is important to encourage popular playground games, such as “Grounders” and “The Floor is Lava.”

What makes a playground natural?

Rock climbers and tree stumps can add a natural feel to your playground. But they’re not the only things to consider. We also have natural options for roofs, decks, and accents that will help your playground go that extra mile.

What is your Naturtek material?

Our Naturtek material is a patented composite resin that’s a lightweight and low cost alternative to wood. This durable material can withstand exposure to extreme heat and cold, and never needs to be touched up if chipped.

Why Choose Us?

Inclusive Equipment

Our natural play equipment factors in children of all abilities and skill levels. This includes products that are wheelchair accessible, such as our Sequoia Log, as well as sensory experiences, like our sand and water play.

Versatile Designs

Over the years, playground trends have changed from an ultra-modern design to a more rustic aesthetic. But why choose one or the other? Our natural play equipment can add as much, or as little, nature as your park needs.

Kid Built Theme

Our NU-Edge products use found materials and dynamic rope activities to create a DIY “kid built” theme. These components break the mold of typical post-and-deck structures and encourage play in all directions.