If you build it, they will use it. More and more communities are discovering that providing outdoor fitness equipment is a great way to bring people together in a fun and healthy way.

Let us show you how we can help you create the ideal “fresh air fitness centre.”

Custom-built circuits

Custom-built circuits

We’ll work with you to find the best way to build a custom fitness circuit designed to serve your community’s specific demographic needs. Mostly seniors? A mix of young adults and young families? We’ll make sure you get the right equipment in place to make the best use of the space.

All-weather durability

All-weather durability

Anything designed for outdoor use in our part of the world better be tough. All of the equipment we work with is built to perform and built to last, even in extreme climate conditions.

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Forward-Thinking equipment and layouts

Forward-Thinking equipment and layouts

The science of fitness is continually evolving, and the equipment we use reflects that. We build circuits using components that are proven to provide the greatest benefits to the greatest number of people—equipment that takes the best of current fitness thinking and makes it easily and widely accessible.

Easy-to-follow instructions

Easy-to-follow instructions

Even the best fitness equipment won’t provide the right results if people don’t know how to use it. Each of the units we install comes with an instruction panel that simply and clearly outlines what the equipment does and how to operate it in a way that lets the user get the most from it, safely and effectively.

Accessible for everyone

Accessible for everyone

Workout opportunities at any time, for anyone, at no cost—that’s what these community outdoor fitness centres are about. That’s why the equipment is designed to be accessible and challenging to users of all abilities and all levels of fitness. Everyone trains on their own time, at their own pace, in the fresh air of their own community.

A way to revitalize a community

A way to revitalize a community

If you have just a few square feet of usable space, you have an opportunity to change a community. You have an opportunity to take an unused area and turn it into a vibrant centre of activity, a place that rejuvenates individual bodies as well as a whole community’s spirit. Just ask us how.

Get Inspired!

Ready to bring a fresh-air fitness centre to your community? We know how to help you do that, and we know exactly the people who can provide the best products to make it happen. We work exclusively with the top suppliers in the field—the companies that lead the way in developing public fitness equipment.

Trekfit is a Canadian company, and all the equipment they produce is designed and manufactured in Canada. They understand Canadian communities and they know how to build products to withstand the often harsh conditions of Canadian seasons. Most of all, they know how to create workout circuits for all user abilities.

Paris Outdoor is a company based in Ontario that has a well-earned reputation for delivering high-quality products at fair prices. They have created outdoor fitness centres for universities, private companies, and public communities across the country. They specialize in “smart manufacturing”—making products from recyclable materials with no PVC or lead materials used during production.

A world leader in equipment manufacturing, PlayPower is the name for a family of companies—including Miracle and Little Tikes—that we have placed our trust in for years for the outstanding quality of their playground features. We are proud to now be able to have them as a supplier of outdoor fitness products too.

"Received nothing but praise"

/ Cumberland/Oxford Community League

Our committee initially chose to partner with them because of their professional approach and appealing equipment. We were not disappointed. Since our grand opening in June, we have received nothing but praise from parents who love the site layout and the equipment chosen for our playground.

"Beyond our expectations"

/ Ecole Bellevue School

We have not only been very impressed with Katie’s knowledge throughout this process, her ability to listen to our ideas and implement them into our design. She has gone well beyond our expectations.

"Remarkable playground company"

/ Fort Saskatchewan Elementary School

Our experience in working with CRS was extremely positive. What was most impressive was that they followed through with each plan and each promise. As a result, we have a beautiful new playground designed exclusively for our site. We are looking forward to our continued relationship with this remarkable playground company for Phase II & III.

"Outstanding quality, design and service"

/ Ogilvie Ridge Park

Our community has been very impressed with the outstanding quality, design and service that CRS was able to provide for our new playground. Their playground equipment, shelter and site furniture exceeded all of our expectations for safety, quality, play value, price, and service.

"Recommend the services and products"

/ Town of Gibbons

The team at CRS made themselves available throughout the project and after installation. I am happy to recommend the services and products provided by CRS

"Exceeded all our expectations"

/ Whitecroft Playground Committee

Working with CRS and their team was a great experience from the beginning! Their expertise and knowledge of playgrounds exceeded all our expectations as well as their wonderful customer service. We would recommend using them to anyone looking to build a new playground!