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Dog Parks

We make fun parks for kids. So why not make one for your favourite four-legged friend?

Dog parks are a fun and welcoming destination for the whole family. Though many people don’t realize it, dog parks are actually one of the very few activities that everyone can enjoy, regardless of age or ability. Compared to typical off-leash areas, our dog parks go above and beyond by providing specially-designed agility equipment. From racing up ramps, to zig-zagging through weave poles, our dog parks help you form a deeper connection with your pet. This is all done while keeping the comfort and safety of your dog a top priority.

We understand that every pet owner has different goals, and we take this into account with every dog park that we build. Whether you’re doing obedience training, or just letting them burn off some steam, our dog parks serve a variety of different purposes. Many pet owners have noticed improvements to their dog’s happiness, attention, and behaviour after visiting one of our parks. Ultimately, our mission is to make every community more pet-friendly – one woof at a time!

Pieces of

Agility Equipment

Specially designed so that all good boys (and good girls!) can have a great time.

Training circuits and agility equipment that will get tails wagging.

What are you waiting for?
Start playing today!

From starting a new project to placing an order, our team of play experts are happy to help. Let us know how we can turn your playground dreams into a reality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What other products do you offer?

In addition to our agility equipment, we offer pet waste solutions such as bag dispensers and waste receptacles. For pet owners, we also offer stylish park furniture to make your visit to the dog park a comfortable one.

Why should I build a dog park?

Dog parks help your pet burn off excess energy and socialize with other dogs. In the long run, this makes them more relaxed, obedient, and happy. Plus, they’re a great way for people to meet like-minded pet lovers.

What factors should I consider?

Dog parks are more than just setting down some ramps and tunnels. Other factors to consider include: adequate space for playing, water lines for dog fountains, safe and secure fencing, and access to parking.

Can your products be used indoors?

Yes they can! While our agility equipment is primarily used outdoors, it has also been installed in indoor dog parks. If you have a special installation situation, please contact us and we’ll suggest the appropriate options.

Why Choose Us?

Superior Quality

Unlike our competitors, who just adapt children’s playground equipment, we use products that are carefully crafted for dogs. This includes textured coatings, rust-resistant components, and ADA accessible designs.

Locally Made

We’re proud to supply our dog park equipment from Dog-On-It Parks and Little Tikes Commercial. Both companies have manufacturing facilities in the United States and fabricate their products to the highest of standards.

Easy Assembly

Our dog park equipment comes with clear installation instructions, including a parts checklist and recommended tools. Most installations only require concrete footings or surface mount plates, depending on the location.