Pogadl Park

Welcome to Pogadl Park in Sylvan Lake, AB! An extreme playground that towers above all others.

The origins of Pogadl Park start back in 2016, when the daughters of Ed and Glenda Pogadl donated 20 acres of land to develop a world-class sports park. Both Ed and Glenda were highly involved in Sylvan Lake’s agriculture community, and were well-known among residents. The sports park would serve as a tribute to their hard work and lively spirit.

To honour their generous donation, we knew that we couldn’t just build ANY playground. Let’s face it, today’s kids want an extreme play experience. A place where they can play harder, climb higher, and push their limits. So that’s exactly what we designed! With 30 ft. towers and a winding two-story slide, Pogadl Park is THE destination for thrill-seekers.

Using our exclusive Extreme Generation (XGEN) equipment, Pogadl Park redefines what it means to play. Breathtaking skyways and skyscraper-like towers all contribute to the park’s sense of adventure. But while this may sound risky, there are various safeguards in place to keep kids protected. This is referred to as “perceived risk” – giving kids the challenges they want in a controlled environment.

Along with our playground, Pogadl Park houses many high-energy activities, including four baseball diamonds, two soccer pitches, and a spray park. When designing the playground, it was very important for us to complement these activities in order to create one cohesive play experience. The result? An electrifying XGEN playground that’s the first of its kind in Alberta!

All in all, Pogadl Park has proven itself to be a welcome fixture in the community and a big draw for families across the province. Future plans for the park include a hockey rink, bike trails, and various athletic courts. In time, the park will no doubt become a Sylvan Lake staple, all thanks to the family’s belief in this project.

Age Range

  • 2 – 12 years


  • Pour in Place Rubber
  • Engineered Wood Fiber

Key Products

  • XGEN Hive Skyway
  • XGEN Circles Skyway
  • XGEN Hurricane Tower


  • Revolution Inclusive Spinner
  • Accelerator Swing
  • Tot Builders Playhouse

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