Memorial Park

Swing, spin, and climb! From thrilling spinners to fun activity panels, Memorial Park has it all.

From the very beginning, Memorial Park was designed with accessibility in mind. Starting at the ground level, pour in place rubber provides full access to our thrilling Surface Spinner. Additionally, wheelchair ramps make the main play structure accessible, where kids can enjoy a mix of slides and activity panels. Most notably, our Together Glider lets children of all abilities glide together.

Adding to the fun is a variety of motion play events. Kids can rock on Scarlet the Ladybug, twist on our Stand n Spin, or bounce with a friend on our Team Totter. If that’s not enough, there’s also our ZoomTwist. This towering spinner fits up to 14 kids at once, and features an inclusive entrance and floor.

Activity panels are another big focus at Memorial Park, and there’s no shortage to choose from! Featuring our latest Unlimited Play panels, kids will get a kick from the fun games, bright colours, and exciting motion play. This ranges from the amusing animals on our Silly Faces Panel, to the fierce competition of our Simon Says Panel.

For older children, there’s a plethora of climbers to try out. Overhead events, like our Challenge Ladder and Ring Trek, help build upper body strength. On the other hand, deck-to-ground climbers, like our Fan Climber and Sliding Pole, offer a challenging entrance to the structure. In short, kids can climb to their heart’s content until they tire themselves out!

Lastly, Memorial Park incorporates a rugged, natural theme that can’t go without saying. For one, our Lumberjack Climber and Log Slice Climber are made using our realistic Naturtek material. Furthermore, our Four Wheeler jeep and Village Playhouse set the stage for pretend play. To top things off, our Leaf Roof supplies a shady canopy where kids can hangout and relax.

Age Range

  • 2 – 12 years


  • Pour in Place Rubber
  • Engineered Wood Fiber

Key Products

  • Lumberjack Climber
  • Team Totter
  • ZoomTwist


  • Together Glider
  • Surface Spinner
  • Inclusive Swing Seat

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