Vivo Inclusive Playground

Families from all over love the Vivo Inclusive Playground. And for good reason! Its accessible design, vibrant colours, and sensory play make it a shining example of inclusivity. See why it's one of Calgary's most sought-after parks!

Fun for ALL children! Vivo Inclusive Playground is a testament to the power of inclusivity.

The moment you step into Vivo Inclusive Playground, your heart will flutter with joy as you become part of this vibrant space. The playground, designed in collaboration with Parks Foundation Calgary and the Vivo for Healthier Generations recreation centre, is a beacon of fun and accessibility. It’s an exciting world brimming with diverse play opportunities for ALL children!

The surfacing at this playground isn’t your typical sand or wood chips. Instead, it’s covered with pour in place rubber, making it accessible for all of our little adventurers. The main play structure is also designed so that every child may play. With wheelchair ramps spiraling up to the topmost level, the sky is truly the limit here!

Sensory activities aren’t left behind either. Fun-filled features like our Roller Slide, Inclusive Swing, and Silly Faces Panel are designed to stimulate and engage children of all abilities. Meanwhile, if your child desires a peaceful retreat, they can find solace in our Quiet Grove. Placed at the outskirts of the playground, kids can take a quick break from all of the excitement.

But we didn’t stop there! We’ve also added exciting challenges like our Hula Loop Climber and 3-D Rock Challenge wall. These elements are sure to test kids’ strength and coordination, while also being tons of fun. In addition, our Silo Scramble rope climber provides a formidable pathway in and out of the main play structure.

Last but not least, Vivo Inclusive Playground features many motion play activities. For one, there’s a wide array of stainless steel slides to whirl down. Next, there’s a variety of freestanding events like our Solo Spin, MaxPlay Swings, and Scarlet the Ladybug spring rider. Finally, our Together Glider provides gentle swaying fun for up to 10 kids at once!

Age Range

  • 2 – 12 years


  • Pour in Place Rubber

Key Products

  • Silo Scramble
  • Hula Loop Climber
  • 3-D Rock Challenge


  • Together Glider
  • Roller Slide
  • Inclusive Swing

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