Vedder Park

Embrace the outdoors at Vedder Park! Located on the banks of the Chilliwack River, this nature-themed playground is a must-see for families. Enjoy a wide variety of motion play events, as well as endless climbing opportunities.

Enter a world of nature play at Vedder Park, located in the scenic river valley of Chilliwack, BC!

At Vedder Park in Chilliwack, BC, kids of all ages will find their smiles broadening as they enter a world of nature play. Each element, from the vibrant leaf roofs to the realistic tree climbers, echoes the beauty of the surrounding river valley. It’s a delightful blend where the magic of play meets the wonder of nature!

Built for all ages, Vedder Park has two play structures: one for 2-5 year-olds and another for 5-12 year-olds. The younger adventurers have slides to swoosh down and activity panels that will spark their curiosity. In addition, there’s a variety of freestanding events that are great for pretend play, like our Four Wheeler jeep and Lola the Snail spring rider.

For the older explorers, we’ve curated a set of dynamic challenges. This includes the physical adeptness of our Wishbone Climber, as well as the lifelike texture of our Naturtek Tree Climb. If that’s not enough, there are two rock climbing walls that will test kids’ agility and coordination. Simply put, there’s no shortage of challenges!

But wait! There are more surprises scattered around Vedder Park. Take a spin on our Wobble Sphere, or conquer our Infinity Flex Climber. For the brave, they can take on the twisting ropes strung between our Ant Rock and Lookout Rock. Or, they can muscle their way through an obstacle course of Stepping Stones and overhead climbers.

Lastly, Vedder Park has several inclusive activities, making sure every kid can play. Our Revolution Spinner brings thrilling motion play to all, while an ADA Transfer Station makes the 2-5 structure accessible. Finally, our Scarlet the Ladybug spring rider is designed at wheelchair transfer height. Kids of all abilities can bounce their way to fun on this insect-inspired activity!

Age Range

  • 2 – 12 years


  • Engineered Wood Fiber

Key Products

  • Wishbone Climber
  • Naturtek Tree Climb
  • Infinity Flex Climber


  • Revolution Spinner
  • Scarlet the Ladybug Spring Rider
  • ADA Transfer Station

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