Squint Lake Park

A small but mighty playground in the heart of Burnaby, BC! Squint Lake Park packs tons of play value into every square inch. From fast slides to formidable overheads, kids will be challenged to push their limits into new territories.

A low footprint playground with a big impact! Squint Lake Park offers exciting play for all ages.

Welcome to the joyous world of Squint Lake Park in Burnaby, BC! With an infectious natural theme, complemented by fun and inviting play structures, every child’s imagination can soar. Kids of all ages can participate actively and explore the variety of challenges. And, despite its smaller size, this playground packs tons of fun around every corner – making sure no space goes to waste.

Toddlers have a kingdom of their own with a play structure that features a Double Wide Slide – perfect for racing! Thrill-seekers will also love our Arch Climber, which provides a challenging path into the play structure. And let’s not forget about our Bubble Window and Steel Counter Panel, which open the door to pretend play.

For our slightly older explorers, we’ve constructed a special play structure that includes our Clatter Bridge and Tilted Rock Challenge Wall. These exciting activities offer daring adventures, while also promoting balance, coordination, and motor skills. Our Fan Climber is also part of the fun-filled journey, encouraging kids to reach new heights with each step!

We’ve also added a thrilling obstacle course that features overhead climbers like our Ring Trek and Inline Rail. With every climb forward, kids will be pushing their limits and building their upper body strength. Plus, we’ve included a swing set area where kids can aim for the stars. Because what’s playtime without a little adventure?

For those who need a little extra help getting around, fear not! Squint Lake Park features a variety of accessible activities so that every child can play. An ADA Transfer Station provides access to the 2-5 year-old structure, while our Revolution Spinner brings motion play to all. Last but not least, our Scrambled Scales Panel adds a melodious touch to playtime!

Age Range

  • 2 – 12 years


  • Engineered Wood Fiber

Key Products

  • Tilted Rock Challenge Wall
  • Clatter Bridge
  • Ring Trek


  • Revolution Spinner
  • Scrambled Scales Panel
  • ADA Transfer Station

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