Sibylla Kiddle School

Adventure without limits! That's the main theme at Sibylla Kiddle School. Whether it's a colourful climber, or a playful panel, all kids will find an activity that speaks to them. Discover this inclusive park in Calgary, AB.

Join us at Sibylla Kiddle School playground, where play knows no barriers and fun has no limits!

At Sibylla Kiddle School in Calgary, AB, we believe that fun and accessibility should intersect. With wheelchair ramps and rubber surfacing, we’ve made sure that no one misses out on the fun. In addition, we’ve also featured several challenging and exhilarating components – perfect for students aged 5 – 12. All in all, it’s not just a playground, but an inclusive haven where accessibility takes center stage!

From our spectacular Revolution Spinner to our Together Glider, children in wheelchairs can experience the unique thrill of motion play! This is great for improving their vestibular system, which tells us where we are in relation to space. For children who are visually impaired, we’ve also included a Braille Panel that teaches them the alphabet.

Sibylla Kiddle School also features several activities that promote cooperative play. Children can engage in friendly competitions while zooming down a pair of Stainless Steel Slides. In addition, they can make beautiful music together with our Melody Maker Panel. If that’s not enough, they can unleash their imaginative side and pretend to be shopkeepers with our Storefront Panel!

For those who crave more excitement, our challenging climbers are sure to satisfy. With components like our Infinity High Climb and Crazy Hoop-La Bridge, fearlessness meets fun head-on. But don’t forget about our Grand Strand rope climber! This tangling web of ropes is the ultimate test of strength and agility. Plus, it’s a cool hangout spot, too.

Last but not least, this playground features an exciting obstacle course. Composed of Stepping Stones and Tire Climbers, kids will build their balance with each step. In particular, the obstacle course is suited for games like Lava tag, where kids aren’t allowed to touch the ground. It’s the perfect addition to recess that students will enjoy for years to come!

Age Range

  • 5 – 12 years


  • Pour in Place Rubber

Key Products

  • Grand Strand
  • Crazy Hoop-La Bridge
  • Infinity High Climb


  • Revolution Spinner
  • Together Glider
  • Braille Panel

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