Penzer Park

Go on a climbing adventure at Penzer Park! This rocks and ropes playground in Langley, BC is great for children 5 and up. A nearby skate park, obstacle course, and basketball court provide plenty of activities for kids and their families.

A rocks and ropes adventure like no other! Discover the magic of Penzer Park in Langley, BC.

Welcome to Penzer Park in Langley, BC, where the magic of nature play comes to life! This rustic playground is designed with a myriad of rope, log, and rock-climbing activities that are perfect for 5-12 year-olds. Whether they’re challenging their physical strength, or coming up with neat play scenarios, kids will surely benefit from this unique playground experience.

Larger features, such as logs and boulders, will inspire teamwork and camaraderie among little explorers. Take, for instance, our Old Oak climber, which is a playground all by itself with its 23’ span. Or, our Wood Spider Climber, which features a challenging rope net suspended between four rocks. These large-scale climbers are great for fitting tons of kids at once!

In contrast, there are also smaller, independent activities for kids to play on. They can hone their balance and coordination skills on our Ground Log and Hop Rocks. Or, they can take a breather while sitting on our Gecko Rock. These simpler activities are especially great for younger children, who can work their way up to more challenging events.

In addition, Penzer Park features several imaginative components that will engage kids’ creativity. Kids can pretend they’re a wild animal, hibernating in the safety of our Racoon Log. Or, they can be adventurers, tip-toeing across a babbling brook using the various logs and rocks. Simply put, there are tons of opportunities for unstructured play – where children can explore to their heart’s content!

Parents and caretakers aren’t forgotten either! We’ve thoughtfully placed benches around the playground’s perimeter while you watch your kids’ fun-filled escapades. And there’s more! Right next to our playground is a vibrant parkour park, an energetic basketball court, and a thrilling skatepark. So why wait? Bring your kids to an unforgettable play experience at Penzer Park.

Age Range

  • 5 – 12 years


  • Engineered Wood Fiber

Key Products

  • Old Oak
  • Wood Spider Climber
  • Racoon Log

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