Paul Band School

Paul Band School is home to not one, but two, fantastic playgrounds. These nature-themed parks feature a wide range of activities for all ages and abilities. In addition, inclusive wheelchair ramps make fun accessible for ALL!

Fun for ALL abilities? Count me in! Experience two inclusive playgrounds at Paul Band School.

Located in Duffield, AB, Paul Band School is home to two playgrounds (one for 2-5 year-olds and one for 5-12 year-olds). But, these aren’t your average, run of the mill parks. Instead, these playgrounds combine nature play and accessibility to create a play experience like no other. Simply put, these are playgrounds that the whole community can enjoy!

On the main play structure, you can find a wide array of challenges that older kids will gravitate towards. From the natural aesthetics our Stacked Timber Wall, to the twisted surface of our Infinity Web, there’s no shortage of thrills. Not to mention, almost every deck has something new to try, whether it’s a slide, climber, or activity panel!

If you’re wondering about accessibility, Paul Band School checks all the boxes! A series of Wheelchair Ramps makes navigating the main play structure a breeze. On the ground level, there’s also various inclusive activities to explore. This includes the relaxing escape of our Quiet Grove, as well as the soaring heights of our Accelerator Swing.

Closer to the school is the smaller, 2-5 year-old playground. But although this park is smaller, it still packs tons of fun! Nature-themed equipment, like our Tikes Peak Mountain and Ladybug Spring Rider, add a realistic flare to this park. In addition, a circuit of Stepping Stones and Tire Climbers is perfect for games of Grounders Tag.

Much like the larger playground, the smaller park also features several inclusive activities. Wheelchair Ramps and Inclusive Stairs provide access to a mix of slides and sensory panels. Most notably, this includes our Gear Panel, which is great for building teamwork and fine motor skills. Last but not least, our Revolution Spinner brings spinning and rocking to all abilities!

Age Range

  • 2 – 12 years


  • Engineered Wood Fiber

Key Products

  • Infinity Web
  • Stacked Timber Wall
  • Tikes Peak Mountain


  • Wheelchair Ramps
  • Accelerator Swing
  • Revolution Inclusive Spinner

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