Langley Events Centre

Looking for something to do? Try our playground at the Langley Events Centre! This natural park features rock walls, log climbers, and a three-story Mega Tower. A smaller play structure ensures that toddlers can join the fun, too.

The world is yours! Become the next king of the jungle at the Langley Events Centre playground.

With live sports, concerts, and trade shows, the Langley Events Centre is one of the most impressive entertainment complexes in BC. However, while families wait for their event to begin, they can pass the time at our stunning natural playground. Featuring our breathtaking Mega Tower, this playground will encourage kids to push their limits and uncover new possibilities.

Adventure seekers will love the thrills this playground has to offer. From the steep slopes of our Fossil Bluff Climber, to the realistic look of our Hollow Log Climber, there’s plenty of challenges to go around. At the end of their journey, kids can twist and turn down our 855° Typhoon Slide and start the fun all over again!

For younger children, there’s a specially designed tot structure placed in the centre of the park. The structure includes several exciting play activities, such as two high-speed Wave Slides that are perfect for racing. A myriad of climbers, like our Cargo Climber and Spiral Climber, gives kids plenty of practice before they take on the main structure.

To make sure all children enjoy their stay, the Langley Events Centre playground incorporates several inclusive elements. This includes wheelchair-friendly artificial turf, and an ADA Transfer Station that provides access to the tot structure. In addition, an ornamental steel fence surrounds the park, giving kids the freedom to explore without wandering too far.

But, no visit would be complete without mentioning the Aquarius Webscape. This colossal climber is almost 20 ft. tall and features a variety of paths to its peak. Kids can climb up, down, or across an expansive array of ropes, all while building their core strength. Once at the top, they can marvel at their achievement and use the Webscape as a cool hangout spot.

Age Range

  • 2 – 12 years


  • Artificial Turf

Key Products

  • Aquarius Webscape
  • 855° Typhoon Slide
  • Fossil Bluff Climber


  • ADA Transfer Station
  • Steel Safety Fence

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