Kim Hung School

Take the classroom outside at Kim Hung School! Located in Edmonton, AB, this playground will get kids' minds racing. Bright colours, geometric shapes, and challenging activities all make for a thought-provoking experience.

Exciting, engaging, and educational! What’s not to love about Kim Hung School playground?

At Kim Hung School in Edmonton, AB, we believe every child deserves a playground that sparks curiosity and excitement. Our vibrant, colourful playground is more than just a play space – it’s an interactive environment filled with STEM-inspired activities. The bright colours and geometric shapes create an engaging experience that simply can’t be found anywhere else!

Scattered across the main play area, you’ll spot large-scale climbers like our Hypar Net, DNA Climber, and Loopz Climbing Ring. Each one is a testament to our commitment in creating challenging play experiences. Other freestanding activities, like our Maypole and JAX Climbers, are sure to build kids’ strength and agility with each step!

Venturing into the main play structure, you’ll uncover several activities that promote parallel play. Kids can race on a pair of Stainless Steel Slides, or glide on a duo of Track Rides. Both are great for friendly competitions at recess! Elsewhere in the structure, you’ll find a circuit of overhead climbers, as well as a mix of climbing walls.

But, exploration isn’t limited to our older adventurers! Wander towards the park’s outskirts and discover a specially designed play structure for 2-5 year-olds. Here, you’ll find a slick Stainless Steel Slide and a robust Cargo Net. If that’s not enough, there’s also a daring obstacle course with Balance Beams, Stepping Stones, and overhead climbers.

Inclusivity is also woven throughout Kim Hung School playground. For children in wheelchairs, we’ve incorporated a pour in place rubber area with our thrilling Revolution Spinner. Furthermore, we’ve also included a full-back Inclusive Swing Seat and an ADA Transfer Station on the tot structure. Lastly, we’ve placed a Generation Swing in the junior play area, which lets parents swing with their children.

Age Range

  • 2 – 12 years


  • Engineered Wood Fiber
  • Pour in Place Rubber

Key Products

  • Hypar Net
  • DNA Climber
  • Loopz Climbing Ring


  • Revolution Spinner
  • Inclusive Swing Seat
  • ADA Transfer Station

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