Florence Hallock School

Challenging climbers, fun activity panels, and one of the biggest ziplines in Edmonton! What more could you ask for? The playground at Florence Hallock School also features a relaxing picnic shelter and inclusive rubber surfacing.

All kids play at Florence Hallock School! Experience this epic zipline playground in North Edmonton.

You’d be hard pressed to talk about the playground at Florence Hallock School without mentioning its massive zipline. Spanning over 40 ft. long, our Rail Rider is one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) ziplines you’ll find in all of Edmonton. To top things off, an inclusive disc seat ensures that all kids can experience the Rail Rider’s exhilarating speed, no matter their ability.

But, the fun doesn’t stop here. Florence Hallock School boasts a multitude of play activities that will keep kids engaged for hours on end. This ranges from the twisting challenge of our Infinity High Climb, to the imaginative possibilities of our Wishbone Climber. Our Hoop-La Climber is yet another standout piece, allowing kids to crawl in any direction across its colourful rings.

Overhead climbers, Balance Beams, and Stepping Stones provide excellent linkage across the playground. Kids can traverse from one end of the park to the other in one seamless experience. This goes a long way to promote popular playground games, like “Grounders” and “Lava Tag”, where touching the ground is off limits.

When it comes to inclusion, pour-in-place rubber surfacing provides a smooth ride for children in wheelchairs and mobility devices. Kids can interact with a variety of panels at the ground level, or hangout with their friends below deck. An ADA Transfer Station provides access to the main play structure, allowing kids to maneuver through our Inclined Crawl Tunnel or zoom down our Stainless Steel Slide.

Finally, for parents and caretakers, there’s a spacious picnic shelter to lounge at placed adjacent to the playground. This lets parents stay cool and comfortable during their visit, while still keeping a careful eye on their children. Families may also use the shelter to celebrate special events, whether it’s a birthday, scavenger hunt, or relaxing Sunday picnic.

Age Range

  • 2 – 12 years


  • Pour in Place Rubber

Key Products

  • Hoop-La Climber
  • Infinity High Climb
  • Wishbone Climber


  • Rail Rider Zipline
  • ADA Transfer Station
  • Bench Panels

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