City Park

Release your inner dinosaur at City Park! Whether you’re a T-Rex roaming the land, or a paleontologist digging up fossils, the possibilities for curiosity are endless. Visit this larger than life playground in beautiful Langley, BC.

Featuring a custom dinosaur theme, City Park feels like it came straight from the Jurassic period!

Commonly referred to as the “Dinosaur Playground,” City Park brings these majestic creatures back to life! For starters, a Swoop Connection Bridge (resembling a spiky Spinosaurus) provides an exciting pathway to the top of the playground. Once there, kids can marvel at the lifelike T-Rex head that towers overtop of them. Adding to the fun, a cluster of Wobble Spheres (painted like dinosaur eggs) creates the ultimate opportunity for imaginative play.

An all ages playground, City Park includes three distinct play areas, ensuring that there’s something for everyone. Overhead climbers link the play areas together to create one seamless experience. This ranges from a pair of Track Rides, perfect for zooming from deck to deck, to the Overhead Ring and Rung, which tests kids’ upper body strength.

Social interaction is another big theme at City Park. Kids can face off at our Tic-Tac-Toe Panel, or role play as paleontologists at our Steel Counter Panel. Each play structure also includes a racing slide to encourage friendly competitions. Most notably, the Colossus Slide offers a fast and thrilling ride that allows three kids to race at once.

At the west end of the park, you can find a MaxPlay swing set with two Tot Seats and a Generation Swing Seat, ideal for younger children. For older kids, our challenging Nu-Edge Rock Wall and Gibraltar Boulder features a realistic look and feel that will take them right back to prehistoric times.

Finally, inclusivity is woven all throughout City Park. An ADA Transfer Station provides access to the main play structure, while two variations of our Gear Panel can be easily reached from the ground level. Last but not least, our Revolution Spinner is a show-stopping piece that lets children of all abilities experience the benefits of motion play.

Age Range

  • 2 – 12 years


  • Engineered Wood Fiber

Key Products

  • Swoop Connection Bridge
  • Wobble Sphere
  • Colossus Slide


  • Revolution Spinner
  • Gear Reach Panel
  • ADA Transfer Station

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