Chilliwack Landing Leisure Centre

A playground where all abilities can play together! That's what we accomplished at the Chilliwack Landing Leisure Centre. Composed entirely of freestanding equipment, this park is wheelchair-friendly and features fun for all.

Embrace the magic of inclusive play at the Chilliwack Landing Leisure Centre playground!

Welcome to the Chilliwack Landing Leisure Centre playground, a haven of inclusivity where every child’s dream becomes reality! With accessible freestanding equipment and poured rubber surfacing, kids of all abilities can dive into exciting adventures. Jump aboard our Accelerator Swing, or try out the Surface Spinner. There’s no shortage of exhilarating motion play!

Moreover, our Together Glider provides a thrilling sway for up to 10 children at once. For those keen on sensory play, our ADA Play Hut is brimming with intriguing activity panels – all designed at wheelchair height. Each panel offers a rich tactile experience, whether it’s the competitive spirit of our Tic-Tac-Toe panel or the teamwork of our Simon Says panel.

Also scattered throughout the playground are a number of instruments from our Concerto collection. Kids can march to their own beat with our Congas, or play their favourite melody with our Vibes. In addition, the ADA Play Hut also features our Scrambled Scales panel. Its colourful design and musical chimes are fun to play with by yourself, or with a friend!

Our playground at the Chilliwack Landing Leisure Centre also embraces nature, bringing a hint of wilderness into playtime. A standout feature is our towering 6’ Sequoia Log, which features an open wheelchair-friendly design. Furthermore, our Living Art panel will teach children about their surroundings with each button. Experience a serene waterfall, a flock of birds, or a howling wolf!

And, we didn’t forget about the older kids! They can venture into fitness adventures that will test their strength and agility. They’ll be building their upper body strength with our Challenge Ladder, or trying daring acrobatics with our Trapeze Rings. Last but not least, our Parallel Bars are an absolute must for aspiring gymnasts.

Age Range

  • 2 – 12 years


  • Pour in Place Rubber

Key Products

  • Sequoia Log
  • ZoomTwist
  • Accelerator Swing


  • ADA Play Hut
  • Surface Spiner
  • Together Glider

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