Caledonia Park School

Go on a deep-sea voyage at the Caledonia Park School playground in St. Albert, AB! Our exclusive Gelefish Tower features fun on every tentacle, including built-in overhead climbers, inclusive activity panels, and thrilling slides.

Discover depths of fun at Caledonia Park School! Let your imagination run wild on this nautical playground.

The playground at Caledonia Park School in Leduc, AB is unlike any we’ve designed before. This playground features an exciting nautical theme, thanks to its bright blue and green colour scheme. Our Gelefish Tower also adds to the theme, providing a deep-sea aesthetic through its rounded edges and contemporary design. Plus, its unique roof shape provides plenty of shade, too!

The first thing you’ll notice at this playground is that there’s something for everyone. Younger kids will enjoy the wide range of activity panels, as well as beginner climbers like our Cargo Net and Inverted Arch Climber. For older kids seeking a challenge, don’t worry! Our Tilted Rock Challenge Wall and Infinity High Climb has you covered.

Fans of motion play will like the many opportunities for swinging and spinning that this playground presents. Kids can rock their way across our colourful Hoop-La Bridge, or soar to new heights on our Arch Swings. If that’s not enough, our Mini Top Spinner offers a thrilling upper-body challenge that older kids will love!

But the thrills don’t stop here! Caledonia Park School also features two massive slides off of the main tower. This includes the bumpy ride of our Wave Slide, as well as the steep drop of our Morphous Slide. In addition, our “C” Challenge Ladder will test kids’ agility and strength as they swing from rung to rung.

Finally, inclusivity is woven all throughout this playground. Firstly, an Accessible Spiral Staircase provides access to a whopping FOUR activity panels. This ranges from the competitive spirit of our Gelefish Panel, to the playful tunes of our Melody Maker Panel. Furthermore, an ADA Transfer Station allows children in wheelchairs to explore the many activities located in the main tower.

Age Range

  • 2 – 12 years


  • Engineered Wood Fiber

Key Products

  • Gelefish Tower
  • Hoop-La Bridge
  • Mini Top Spinner


  • Accessible Spiral Staircase
  • Melody Maker Panel
  • ADA Transfer Station

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