Caernarvon Playground

Bring the forest to the big city! Caernarvon Playground in Edmonton, AB is every nature-lover's dream. From log steps and leaf roofs, to our lifelike Grizz-Lee Bear Climber, no detail is spared. Go and explore this fascinating park.

Calling all explorers! Caernarvon Playground is a fun forest adventure waiting to unfold.

Delve into a world of wonder at Caernarvon Playground in Edmonton, AB – a place where adventure calls around every corner! This forest-themed playground is complete with Timber Balance Beams, Hop Rocks, Stump Steppers, and more. Each element inspires young adventurers to explore their woodland fantasies in new and exciting ways. How amazing is that?

The crowning jewel of this playground is undoubtedly our three-story Mega Tower. At nearly 30 ft. tall, this towering structure invites brave climbers to reach new heights. It also offers a host of challenging climbers, like our Backtrack Climber and Fossil Bluff Climber, that encourage physical strength and gross motor skills. Kids will become expert climbers in no time!

But let’s not forget about our Grizz-Lee Bear Climber! This nature-inspired climber is a playful nod to the playground’s whimsical forest theme. Kids can stir up exciting make-believe scenarios that transport them to the vast backcountry. Here, our Timber Balance Beams double as fallen logs, while our Hop Rocks mimic stepping stones across a babbling brook.

We’ve also left no stone unturned for our littlest visitors. From our thrilling Barrel Ride to our formidable Tire Climber, there’s a myriad of freestanding components crafted specifically for toddlers. If that’s not enough, young explorers have a play structure of their very own fitted with a Stainless Steel Slide, engaging activity panels, and a cute Leaf Roof.

Lastly, inclusivity is at the heart of Caernarvon Playground. For starters, pour in place rubber makes ground-level activities like our Tot Builders Playhouse accessible. In addition, motion play events like our Accelerator Swing and Scarlet the Ladybug Spring Rider are designed at wheelchair transfer height. All in all, children of all abilities can join the delightful forest experience alongside their peers!

Age Range

  • 5 – 12 years


  • Pour in Place Rubber

Key Products

  • Grizz-Lee Bear Climber
  • Backtrack Climber
  • Fossil Bluff Climber


  • Accelerator Swing
  • Scarlet the Ladybug Spring Rider
  • Tot Builders Playhouse

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