Broomhill Community Park

Race to the rescue at Broomhill Community Park! This Sooke, BC playground features a unique fire truck theme that kids will love. Children will learn how to work as a team as they put out fires and protect their community from danger.

Set play on fire at Broomhill Community Park! Watch as kids turn into courageous firefighting heroes.

At the heart of Sooke, BC lies the cherished Broomhill Community Park, a haven of joy for all children. Children’s’ dreams will come alive on this colourful playground, bursting with fun as they whirl down a pair of rainbow slides. In addition, our Treehouse Roofs add a calming touch of nature to this playground, encouraging inclusive play among children.

The fire truck theme at Broomhill Community Park is a sure-fire hit, sparking kids’ imaginations while teaching them about important community helpers. Kids get to step into the role of a firefighter, using the realistic cab and steering wheel to navigate their way through an imaginary city. And, to top things off, our Fire Truck Structure is 100% wheelchair accessible!

Nature lovers aren’t left out, either. With lifelike components, like our Versa Climb rock wall, there’s always an adventure awaiting! Another example is our Big Kahuna Climber, which adds a natural twist to a physical activity. As kids scale its sides, they can pretend to be deep-sea divers discovering new species. How cool is that?

For older children, standout climbers such as our Honeycomb Climber and Tensile Tough Overhead will take them on daring adventures. These events create an exhilarating play experience, while also fostering strength and resilience. Not to mention, our 630° Typhoon Slide is an absolute showstopper, providing pure fun with every twist and turn!

Meanwhile, younger tots can explore at their own pace with activities that nurture their curiosity. Activity panels, like our Gear Panel and Abacus Panel, are great for learning and cognitive development. On the other hand, kids can also explore their musical side with our Melody Maker Panel. Lastly, an under-deck seating area provides a quiet space to relax.

Age Range

  • 2 – 12 years


  • Engineered Wood Fiber

Key Products

  • Versa Climb
  • Big Kahuna Climber
  • Honeycomb Climber


  • Fire Truck Structure
  • Gear Reach Panel
  • Melody Maker Reach Panel

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