Allard Playground

Inspired by the world's top resorts, this beach-themed oasis in Edmonton, AB is perfect on a hot sunny day. Relax under the shade, or go on a thrilling jungle adventure. There's no limit to the fun at Allard Playground!

With palm tree roofs and tropical huts, Allard Playground brings the beach to the city!

Situated in Edmonton’s south side, Allard Playground provides a much-needed escape from the city’s cold winters. Featuring relaxing palm trees and beach hut towers, you’d never guess this park is as far north as it is. A rocking Clatter Bridge and realistic Hippo Tunnel drive the point home, transporting you to the depths of the Amazon jungle.

If you’re looking for climbers, you’re in luck! This playground offers many nature themed climbers that will test kids’ limits. From the Inverted Arch Climber, to its older cousin the Fan Climber, kids have many paths to choose from. Additionally, our Bongo Step Climber is a fun alternative to stairs, while our Tikes Peak Mountain serves as the playground’s focal point.

Below the Tikes Peak, a plastic bench and Steel Counter Panel create a shady cave where kids can cool off. In the main play structure, a Telescope and Ship Wheel provides ample opportunity for kids to role play as pirates or sailors. And if you need to abandon ship, our Stainless Steel Spiral Slide will get you out in no time!

Fans of overhead climbers will love the selection that Allard Playground offers. A Track Ride supplies a quick route between decks, while our Loop Challenge Ladder is a more difficult obstacle. For thrill-seekers, our 270° Try-Ring Climber is the perfect link between play activities. This allows kids to circle back and restart the fun, opening new doors for adventure.

Allard Playground also contains many inclusive elements to ensure that all kids find enjoyment. To start, a Spin Rocker (designed at wheelchair height) lets up to four children rock and spin together. Next, our Animal Crawl Tunnel (with internal handholds) throws kids into the lion’s den. Lastly, an ADA Transfer Station provides full access to our high-speed Stainless Steel Double Slide.

Age Range

  • 5 – 12 years


  • Engineered Wood Fiber

Key Products

  • Tikes Peak Mountain
  • 270° Try-Ring Climber
  • Clatter Bridge


  • Spin Rocker
  • Animal Crawl Tunnel
  • ADA Transfer Station

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