Welcome to The Sandbox Blog!

Okay. Wait… what is The Sandbox?

Let’s start again. We all know what a sandbox is… but what is The Sandbox?

Well before we dig deeper, great to meet you! Allow us to introduce ourselves: the team at Canadian Recreation Solutions is a group of hardworking and fun-loving individuals who are dedicated to bringing Western Canadian communities together through PLAY! We’ve been flexing out playground muscles for a looong time and pride ourselves our expertise – and – much like literally tugging your arm and touring you through one of our playgrounds (don’t worry, we won’t make you awkwardly crouch over!), we want to share what we do and why we do it, with a few unexpected discoveries along the way!

Our favourite method to share this information with you?


… Fun…du… cation… funducation? FunduCATION?! (… Let’s pretend that mash-up rolls off the tongue a bit more smoothly when we use our “inside voices”.)

“The Sandbox Blog” is an educational tool made to be accessed by the fingertips of game-changers like yourself: parents who see the importance of inclusion and play for not only their own kids, but all kids!

We want to provide you the knowledge, firepower, and empowerment to know that there are the tools, resources, tips and tricks to request, design, select, and build THE perfect playground for your community!

And – if you stop and quietly listen – you can hear the distant laugher of the neighbourhood kids long into the summer evening from the playground YOU created!

Why did you call it “the Sandbox”?

We have a bit of a story to share. As we were mentioning, our team is comprised of dedicated, knowledgeable, yet endearingly quirky individuals. We live for playgrounds (… which, alone, should majorly act as a tip-off as to who we are and what we believe in!)

That being said, when two of these team members were out for their daily nature walk, they saw something odd on their route. All they could make out behind squinted eyes was that this thing was: out-of-place, highlighter yellow, and an odd shape hiding in the grass.

… What was that?

They stepped closer.

And there it was:


We chose the name The Sandbox for a few reasons: beyond being mildly superstitious and naming it after a literal sand shovel, we like to think of this Blog like a soapbox. Yep. We’ve dusted it off, placed it out in the open, and we are standing up, shouting out, and demanding increased inclusion in our communities! … In a nice way, of course!

Next, we chose to keep – and even go out of our way to use – “sand” in “sandbox” as a teachable moment; while sand is still commonly used in playground construction, it is not always the most accessible material for every single kid in your neighbourhood. (But don’t worry! We’ll get to the “questions you need to consider” a little bit later!)

Finally, we chose the name The Sandbox because… well, here’s a better idea: let’s time-travel together! Do you remember after finishing a “hard-days-play” on the playground, finally plopping down on the concrete sideline with a very big smile running from ear-to-ear? Recall that feeling of extending your monkey-bar-calloused fingers and untying your very VERY, smelly shoe. Do you remember scooping that shoe off the ground, tilting it over, and allowing the day’s collection to gently pour back from the sand it once it came, somehow completing the Playground Circle of Life (…who knew playgrounds could be so poetic?) And yet because of that simple pour, you just knew: it’s time to go home.

And there you go! Welcome to The Sandbox!

Oh, did we mention? You passed the “sniff test”. Lola the Yorkie will be curating your visit because we accidentally let that “walk”-wold slip out. And now it seems that there’s exploration to be had in the world of playgrounds, so come with us! We can’t wait to show you around!